Guard Weaves Story Of Being Shot

Guard Weaves Story Of Being Shot


MESA, Ariz. Nov. 1 2007 -- A security guard who initially claimed he was shot at a Mesa apartment complex admits he made the whole story up, police said.
Detectives said Andrew Grossman, 24, of Scottsdale, revealed he put his protective vest against a wall and then fired two shots into it in a hoax perpetrated to make it look like he was shot.
Grossman was working as a guard on Sept. 23 when he summoned officers and told them that two masked men shot him while he was on patrol.
Grossman claimed he exchanged gunfire and told police be thought he might have struck one of them.

On Tuesday, Mesa police detectives said they interviewed Grossman again and administered a voice stress test.
A detective then interviewed him again and afterwards said Grossman confessed the story was a fabrication.
Investigators said he also admitted to opening a police radio channel and firing three more shots into the ground.
Police reports don't explain why Grossman made the story up.

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